Model:      TP-5810/HOP-E58

Type:       Thermal Printer

Interface: USB, COM, Ethernet(100M),WIFI, GPRS, Bluetooth


Product introduction:

TP-5810 is special designed 58mm thermal printer by HC Technology, exquisite fashion appearance design. Small and flexible, extremely rich sense of science and technology. We using large motor and big gears, make high speed 130mm/sec come true. At the same time drag 83mm big diameter paper roll. It perfect solved 58mm printer small diameter paper roll problem. Printing receipt is more efficient and faster. There are multi interfaces like Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPRS, you have more choice.

Products functions:

Appearance is exquisite design, fashion, science and technology;

Easy to put paper and simple to operate;

Reliable lager motor and big gears printer mechanism;

13omm/sec high printing speed, efficient printing;

Big paper hole design, supports 83mm diameter big paper roll;

Multi ports for option: USB, COM, Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth, and GPRS;

Support GB18030 big font and multi kinds of language;

Supports Logo and image download and printing function;

Supports windows, Linux, android, iOS systems;

100M Ethernet port, printing fast and avoid lost order.


    Supermarket, restaurant, warehouse, bank, hospital and so on.