Model:      TP-8017/HOP-E801

Type:       80MM Thermal Printer

Interface: LAN (100M)+USB+COM: LAN(100M)+USB+WIFI:USB+GPRS:USB+COM:USB+ Bluetooth

Product overview:

Product description:

It is a high quality thermal printer designed for network and kitchen printing.. 300MM/S of high speed printing: excellent waterproof, oil proof, dustproof structure design: rich interface selection including Wi-Fi, GPRS : print status real-time monitoring and large input buffer, to avoid losing any bills, embedded IE server, configure printers more convenient, so many leading technology beyond the performance of similar products, allowing you to enjoy high-quality, free from worry print experience.

Product performance:

300 mm / second ultra-high-speed printing, improve the printing efficiency:

Excellent waterproof, anti - oil, anti-dust structure design:

Support wall hanging function, meet the special environment printing:

Movable baffle design: support 80MM, 58MM different width of the paper roll printing:

Support 80MM large diameter roll:

Support kitchen printing and Internet printing:

Support printer monitoring function, to avoid losing bills:

Using 100M Ethernet card, connect printer faster, to avoid losing bills:

Recover printing after network disconnection, to avoid losing bills:

2048K super input buffer, to avoid losing bills:

Support LOGO Graphical download and print:

Support 1D, 2D bar code printing:

Support order comes remind and error alarm:

            Support black mark orientation and re-print:

GB18030 large font:

Support Multi language printing:

Rich interface: Internet+ USB+ COM: Internet+ USB+WIFI: USB+GPRS: USB+COM: USB+ Bluetooth:

Built-in WEB server, configure printer by IE browser:

Compatible with ESC/POS print instruction mode:

Support Windows, Linux, Android and IOS system printing:



Shopping malls, restaurants, stores, warehousing, taxation, banking, medical, postal