Model:      ICR02

Type:       IC Card Reader 13.56MHz

Interface: USB Or RS232


 l  This device adopt with micro-electrons RF receive module and embedded type microcontroller, combine with high efficient decoding algorithm and advanced data Processing Technology, to fulfill decoding and data output type IC and it's compatible RFIC tag.

l  This reader work as one type of external input device for PC, it can read many types of RF card serial number and output to PC via USB port, cyber bar management software can easy use for record the card number, and it can be used in various managements, this device performance is reliable and easy for handle.

l  IC can be directly show in text file, word file etc. 




* Tag type: IC

* Appearance: Black

* Working frequency: 13.56Mz (14443A/B; 15693)

* Commutation format: USB standard keyboard output

* Data format:

(1)Decimal 3 byte,

(2) Decimal 4 byte,

(3)Hex 4 byte,

(4)Hex 3 byte,

(5) Last 8 bit,

(6) Customizable Data Formatting

* Reading range :> 60mm

* Reading time :< 100ms

* Output interface: USB port RS232 port

*Output interface: standard USB1.1 (Plug & Play)

*Power supply’s port: 5V

*Size: 110*81*26mm

Installation instructions

1. Put the reader's plug to plug in PC USB port, red and green led flash for once, the installation success;

2. Open the relevant software and it get in input status for present tag, beep once, green led flash once, dialogs box appear a bunch of number and automatically get to "enter" status. This is means system running in normal, this bunch of number is RF card serial number.

Cautions and Troubleshooting

1. Reader should be installing in correct place that convenient for present tag. It should far away from displayer, since the displayer may interference with the reader working.

2. Do not close to large area of metal material(especial metal material surface),otherwise the reading distance will be shorter or not read tag.

3. The cable between reader and PC should be less than 15m.

4. If present tag there is no response: please check connector if the plug connection well; if the RF card if support; RF Card whether damage; If there is other RF card within the reading range.

5. Data transmit error: if the reading is in strong electromagnet interference environment; The communication cable between reader and PC is too long.